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Journal titleAl-Adalah: Jurnal Hukum dan Politik Islam
AbbreviationAl-Adalah J. Huk. dan Polit. Islam
Frequency2 issues per year
DOIPrefix 10.35673/per Januari 2023 beralih ke Prefix 10.30863
ISSN2685550X (Online) | 24068802 (print)
Editor-in-chiefIrfan Amir
PublisherIAIN Bone

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Welcome to the official website of Al-Adalah: Jurnal Hukum dan Politik Islam. With the spirit of further proliferation of knowledge on the legal system in Indonesia to the wider communities, this website provides journal articles for free download. Our academic journal is a source of reference both from law academics and legal practitioners.

Al-Adalah: Jurnal Hukum dan Politik Islam is an academic journal for Legal Studies published by Department of Constitutional Law, Faculty of Sharia, State Islamic Institute of Religion (IAIN) Bone, Indonesia. Al-Adalah: Jurnal Hukum dan Politik Islam contains several kinds of research and reviews on selected disciplines within several branches of Legal Studies (Sociology of Law, History of Law, Comparative Law, etc.). In addition, Al-Adalah: Jurnal Hukum dan Politik Islam also covers multiple studies on law in a broader sense. This journal is periodically published (in January and Juli) and the approved and ready-to-publish manuscripts will also be regularly published on the website (with early view) and the hardcopy version will be circulated at the end of every period.

Al-Adalah: Jurnal Hukum dan Politik Islam is published by Study Program of Constitutional Law, Shariah, and Islamic Law Faculty, Islamic State Institute of Religion (IAIN) Bone, Indonesia



Vol, 9 No. 1 2024

Number of Articles : 8

Acceptance Rate : 45%

Geographical Diversity : This issue contains authors from Poland and various affiliations in Indonesia

Table of Contents

Elva Imeldatur Rohmah, Ernawati Huroirah, Jean Arya Putra Prasetya

Abstract : 64 Viewers PDF : 48 Viewers | 10.30863/ajmpi.v9i1.3092

Sandio Abid Aurian Putra, Mas Anienda Tien Fitriyah

Abstract : 36 Viewers PDF : 28 Viewers | 10.30863/ajmpi.v9i1.4592

Eko Haryanto, Moh Wahib, Faisal Faisal, Athoillah Islamy

Abstract : 51 Viewers PDF : 40 Viewers | 10.30863/ajmpi.v9i1.4814

Agustianto Agustianto, Lu Sudirman, Marthalia Setiawan

Abstract : 35 Viewers PDF : 30 Viewers | 10.30863/ajmpi.v9i1.5413

Winsherly Tan, Ampuan Situmeang, Kevin Indra Bhaskara

Abstract : 48 Viewers PDF : 34 Viewers | 10.30863/ajmpi.v9i1.5429

Winda Fitri, Winsherly Tan, Aulia Ginda Putri

Abstract : 46 Viewers PDF : 27 Viewers | 10.30863/ajmpi.v9i1.5894

H. Radea Respati, Asep Sapsudin

Abstract : 45 Viewers PDF : 35 Viewers | 10.30863/ajmpi.v9i1.6030

Mohamad Subli, Kasjim Salenda, Rahmatiah HL, Sainul Rahman

Abstract : 28 Viewers PDF : 33 Viewers | 10.30863/ajmpi.v9i1.6047

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