Fika Ayu Lestari* -  Jurusan Tarbiyah Prodi MPI Institut Agama Islam Negeri Bone
Muh Rahim -  Jurusan Tarbiyah Prodi MPI Institut Agama Islam Negeri Bone
Lilis Suriani -  Jurusan Tarbiyah Prodi MPI Institut Agama Islam Negeri Bone

DOI : 10.30863/mappesona.v2i1.1809

Regional autonomy authorizes local governments to be responsible for each region. Government
policies that are expected to improve the education that the School Operational Assistance policy.
BOS management is the responsibility of each school run by the Head of School, School Treasurer,
and the School Committee. This research is a descriptive qualitative study aimed to determine the
BOS policy implementation. The problem that occurs is the lack of BOS funds received by some
schools, the school is less timely in reporting use of the funds, the lack of ability of teachers who
became treasurer or BOS fund managers, as well as the lack of clear information received related
public free schools. Therefore, the necessary training or upgrading capabilities for the officers
involved on the BOS, transparency through the media available, more details of the information
provided to the public through the medium of television, radio, or print media related to the notion
of free schooling and explained with thorough and sustainable.
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