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: Al-Dustur Journal


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: Prefix 10.30863/jad. by 

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: Dr. H. Lukman Arake, Lc., M.A.


: Department of Constitutional Law


: Postgraduate Program of IAIN Bone


: 2 issues per year

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Al-Dustur is a Scientific Journal published by Department of Constitutional Law in Postgraduate Program of the State Islamic Institute (IAIN) Bone as a media of publishing and sharing the results of research and the development of Politic and Islamic Law. This journal contains articles that have never been previously published in the form of articles from research or applied research. All submitted articles will go through "peer-review process" after fulfilling the requirements according to the article writing guidelines. The publication of this journal is biannually on June and December.

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Vol 3, No 2 (2020)

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Mustafa MH.

Abstract : 38 Viewers PDF : 65 Viewers | 10.30863/jad.v3i2.899

Syaifullahil Maslul

Abstract : 18 Viewers PDF : 26 Viewers | 10.30863/jad.v3i2.905

M. Syaiful, Armien Harry Zainuddin

Abstract : 101 Viewers PDF : 23 Viewers | 10.30863/jad.v3i2.856

Wahyuniar WN, Nur Afifa

Abstract : 28 Viewers PDF : 30 Viewers | 10.30863/jad.v3i2.733

Yudhi Achmad Bashori

Abstract : 14 Viewers PDF : 18 Viewers | 10.30863/jad.v3i2.898

Fardana Khirzul Haq

Abstract : 18 Viewers PDF : 17 Viewers | 10.30863/jad.v3i2.893

Muhammad Roshdi Ibrahim Mas'ud

Abstract : 20 Viewers PDF : 20 Viewers | 10.30863/jad.v3i2.890

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*NOTICE: Because of Accreditations Progress we have to move forward our publishing schedule for Vol. 3 Issue 2. The Publication of this issue will be on September 2020. We would like to apologize to the researchers who have submitted the articles because they have not been processed properly. But however, all these articles will be prepared for the next issue.

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Posted: 2020-09-15

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We invite you to submit your research article at Al-Dustur Journal for next edition : Vol. 03 No. 01 June 2020 and Vol. 03 No. 02 December 2020. Al-Dustur Journal has been indexed by Moraref, BASE, Google Scholar and Garuda, and on progress to be accredited by Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of The Republic of Indonesia.
Al-Dustur Journal is published by Department of Constitutional Law, Postgraduate Program of IAIN Bone, South Sulawesi.

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Posted: 2019-11-19

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