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DOI : 10.35673/ajmpi.v8i1.415

Abstract: In carrying out his duties as a supervisor, the principal is obliged to
help the teacher provide support so that he can carry out his duties properly.
To carry out his professional duties, the teacher needs to understand and
appreciate the form of the student as the person he will guide. On the other
hand, the teacher must also understand and appreciate the form of the children
of graduates as a picture of the results of their education expected by the
community in accordance with the philosophy of life and the values adopted by
the Indonesian people. In improving the quality of education education must be
available that has professional experts or teachers. In other words, so that
education can have more use and results of use and later expected to be able to
answer the above problems, then the teacher still needs guidance and direction
from the principal as the leader and the person in charge of the group

Keywords: Principal as Supervisor and Teacher Professionalism

Kepala Sekolah; Supervisor; Profesionalisme
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Submitted: 2019-08-26
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